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Local Dental Committees (LDCs) in the UK were set up in 1948, at the inception of the NHS. In England and Wales, provision in statute has been made for them to be recognised and consulted since the NHS Act 1977. Local NHS representatives may consult with LDCs on any matters of local dental interest.

LDCs can support all dentists in their locality across a range of issues. They are ready and willing to help.
LDCs consist of NHS General dental practitioners from your area and usually secondary care and community representatives as well. They have deep insight into developments in your area and can represent you with local matters.

- British Dental Association

About Us

Turning Interest Into Action

As the Essex LDC, we represent any dentist working in the county of Essex who holds a Dental Performers List number and pays the statutory levy. Also, we represent PDS practitioners, assistants and deputies provided they have expressed a wish to be represented by the LDC. Private dentists may also be helped by the LDC, but are not able to be members.


The LDC is funded purely by dentists via a statutory levy. We are independent from other bodies such as the NHS Commissioning Local Office, the Local Dental Network (LDN) or the BDA but share a close working relationship with all relevant bodies in order to maintain and establish high quality dental services and to improve outcomes for the local population.

The members of the LDC are elected to represent the interests of those dentists listed above, but also should problems arise in their professional lives they are available for advice and help. The LDC is involved with providing input into several dental committees in Essex including:

  • The Essex Local Dental Network

  • Oral Health Advisory group

  • Clinical Governance within the region

  • Patient representative groups

LDC members also assist in:

  • Dental discipline committee (poor performance) ensuring the dentist involved is supported

  • Providing members for NHS appeals

  • Advising Local Area Teams over complaints against dentists ensuring the dentists interests are represented positively

  • Feedback of grass roots views nationally

The constitution of the Essex LDC can be accessed here.


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